What is Constipation?

What is constipation Powder

Constipation is indicated as infrequent or irregular bowel movements or difficult passage of stools that persists for several weeks or more then weeks. Constipation is generally described as having fewer than three bowel movements a week and it can be occasional. Occasional constipation is very common, some people experience chronic constipation that can interfere with their ability to go about their daily tasks and daily lifestyle. Chronic Constipation may also cause excessive straining and pain to have a bowel movement and other signs and symptoms. There are various treatment for chronic constipation are present depends on the underlying cause. Moreover, in some of the cases, a true cause for chronic constipation is never found. In Ayurveda, Constipation is referred as one of the major cause of various ailments such as joint pain, acne, knee pain and others. According to Ayurveda, Constipation is due to vitiation of body doshas i.e; Vata doshas, Pitta dosha and Kapha doshas.

What are the Causes of Constipation?

Most of the time, cause of constipation is not specific and it became difficult to find out or judge the exact cause of Constipation.
 Age factor: Age factor can be one of the leading factor behind the constipation. In children, constipation can be due to the excess intake of unhealthy junk or fast food and on the other hand, most of elder people prefer the soft food due to their teething problems. This type of soft food is low in diet fiber which results difficulty in passing bowel movement from the body. Most of the time, due to low diet fiber food, bowels are dry which cause the irregularity and difficulty in bowel passing.
 Diet: Products rich in high diet fiber such as eggs, cheese and bran helps to pass faeces more frequently and easily. But people who likely take low fiber diet and irregular meals are more prone to constipation.
 Lack of Exercise: Lack of exercise and spending most of time while sitting and lying on bed can also cause the constipation.
 Abuse of medicines and laxatives: Pain medication, antacids, antispasmodic, antidepressant, health supplements, iron supplements and diuretics can lead to constipation.

What are the Symptoms of Constipation?

There are various Symptoms of Constipation, Such as
• Few bowel movements
• Trouble or pain while having a bowel movement (straining)
• Hard, dry or small stools
• A sense that everything didn’t come out
• Improper urges
• Swollen abdomen or abdominal pain

How to get relieve from Constipation?

There are various treatments for Constipation are present. Among them, Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Constipation powder is one of the best solution to get relieve from constipation. If there is any of symptom seen then you can use Pet Saffa constipation powder to get relief from symptoms of constipation even in chronic conditions. You can use Pet Saffa Powder on daily basis until you are not getting proper regular bowel movement. Once you get a proper urges and bowel movement then you can easily discontinue the use of Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Powder. As pet saffa constipation churna doesn’t form any type of addiction and adversity.

What are the advantages of Pet Saffa Natural Constipation Powder over the other available products in market?

Pet Saffa Natural Laxative powder is one of the best laxative brands in India. The main reason of its uniqueness is its quality standard Ayurvedic ingredients. Pet Saffa laxative formulation is completely free from side-effects and doesn’t form any type of addition to the body. In constipation, most of water from intestine lost due to slow bowel movement, which cause stools dry, hard and difficult to pass. Pet saffa granules helps to attract more water in colon, which cause easy bowel movements and provides a instant relief from constipation.

How to reduce acidity and gas problem with Pet Saffa Natural Constipation Powder?

If you want to relieve from acidity, gastric and other constipation related problems then pet saffa is the best and complete solution to get relieve from constipation. The acidity or constipation occur due to irregularity of bowel movement and low water content in intestinal canal. Pet saffa powder helps to relieves constipation by attracting water in the colon to help naturally cause a bowel movement. Due to this stools become soft and easily passes out through rectum.

How to use Pet saffa constipation powder?

Pet Saffa Natural Laxative powder is easy to use. To relieve for constipation, you can take one or two teaspoon of pet saffa powder with luke warm water before going to bed in night.

How To Buy Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Powder For Constipation?

Pet Saffa Constipation Powder is available in multiple outlets in India. You can easily buy them on your nearby medical store. If it is not available on your nearby store then feel free to call us at our helpline number. You can also buy Pet saffa Natural Constipation Powder on our website i.e.; “ www.petsaffa.com ” or on our online store “ www.divisastore.com/petsaffa ” . For more info call us: 0171-3055233

Is there any Side Effect of Pet Saffa Natural laxative Powder?

Pet Saffa Natural laxative powder is a unique blend of 11 Ayurvedic herbs that are widely used from ancient times to relieve from constipation. Pet saffa constipation powder is based on Ayurvedic formulation and it is completely free from adversity such as blotting, gas buildup, stomach discomfort and urgency. Pet saffa laxative powder is sugar free and gluten free, and available on all leading pharmacies.

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